Health & Wellbeing

We offer a safe space for people to escape the busyness of everyday life and take some time to focus on their own wellbeing. And try to create that sense of coming Home.

The range of activities we provide improve connection to the mind and body and can help encourage a greater awareness of self. Other benefits include improving quality of sleep, reduce anxiety, depression, and addiction. Our sessions also offer a platform to try new things, meet new people and build lasting friendships in a relaxed and safe space.

Weekly Schedule

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For other activities and events please visit our social media pages. If you wish to join us please get in touch.

“We help increase awareness of the mind body connection and encourages people think about their own well-being or pain. We support local people by helping them to adjust to change in their own lives through mindful practice and other activities encouraging them to step in and celebrate their true self, develop their confidence and embrace life”

Our safe, nurturing and trusting environment encourages members from all corners of the community to take part.

We promote greater inclusion by helping to lower any barriers to participation, this includes offering additional support where needed.

Our wellbeing activities are built on the strengths and interest of local people which, in turn, enables participants to form a stronger connection with the activity and gain the most benefit out of participation.

Meditation Practices