Learning and Development

We offer opportunities for growth built on the strengths, interests, and aspirations of The Nest group members. The range of training opportunities and experiences offered, aims to help enable community members to build / rebuild confidence and develop new skills which, in turn, encourages steps towards a more hopeful future.

This is tailored made for individuals or small groups in keeping with their aspirations.

We harness the unique ability of bringing people together and building a stronger, more resilient community.

We believe learning and development is also about creating opportunties where barriers exist, enabling the exploration of new things. For example, visiting places of other culture, museums and historical sites through 1/2 or full day experiences.

By bringing people together, we aim to help with some of society’s most complex issues. From tackling social isolation and loneliness; improving health and wellbeing; building skills, confidence, and opportunities; and ensuring people can become the best version of themselves. We help people to become confident change makers in their community and ensure they have the best opportunity to thrive.

We also invite external partners in order to offer a broader range of training opportunties for local people. Such as:

For further information, or if you have any ideas for training, please contact us below.